The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold Book Review

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold Book Review

Summary– Susie Salmon is an average 14 year old girl living in suburban Pennsylvania. But, on December 7th 1973, while taking a shortcut from school through a cornfield, she is murdered by her neighbor George Harvey.  Susie watches from her own personal Heaven as her family and friends struggle to move on with their lives while she comes to terms with her own death.

Review– Every once in a while a novel comes along that reminds me just why I read. ‘The Lovely Bones’ is a gripping and terrifyingly realistic novel, told from the extraordinary point of view of a 14 year old in Heaven. It opens up a world of loss and struggle to a family who has experienced the unthinkable. Hatred and despair looms over the entire community from the unsolved murder as strong bonds and memories appear. Susie- daughter, sibling, friend, lover, classmate, and neighbor alike. Who murdered the girl in the cornfield?

All in all, I can’t say anything negative about this story. I actually saw the movie before reading the book (I know, totally against the rules.) I can honestly say the novel matched the movie and I adored so many different aspects of each.

I, personally, am the same age as Susie. So for me, putting myself into her shoes in the beginning was so believable that it was an emotional struggle. I think everyone can find a character to relate to no matter your age. Whether it’s the mother, father, friend, sibling, or simply Susie herself, ‘The Lovely Bones’ will have you feeling grateful for everyone in your life.

If you are expecting this book to be a mystery, I’m going to tell you upfront- It’s not. I guess that is particularly the beauty in it. You aren’t caught up in hunting down a killer, it’s more an emotional aspect. That being said, the author achieved this goal to an extent. The steady pace, tragic plot, and message of moving on and dealing with pain, earns this books an A+ and sets the bar high for novels to come.

Age= Everybody over the age of 11. I know adults who’ve read this book and loved it. I think adults might even appreciate it more then children.

Rating– A+

Should I read this?- I honestly can not find a reason why you wouldn’t.

P.S.- I have been receiving many book recommendations. Thank you so much for that and I will try to read some of them, but at this time I am also doing a reading competition. I will have to focus on those 40 books simultaneously. Eventually I will read your books though. 🙂


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